March 2012 Board Info & Resources

The March 2012 Board Regularly Scheduled Posts!
  • Monday: PityParty B!tchfest
  • Tuesday: TTGP Grad Check-In & Twin Mama's TWO-sday Check-In
  • Wednesday: Hump Day Bump Day (Bump Check-In!)
  • Thursday: Thankful Thursday
  • Friday: Weekly Workout Check-In & Flame Free Confessions
Daily: Ticker Changes! Have you moved on to a new week in your pregnancy? Check in in your corresponding daily thread. 
    Alphamom's Pregnancy Calendar
    Informative. And totally hilarious.

    How Big is Baby?
    From poppy seed to pumpkin, an illustrative guide week by week of the size of your baby!

    Week-by-Week Development Videos
    Super cool video shows how your baby is developing weekly. From the Endowment for Human Development website.

    Top Recommended Exercises
    A list of exercises that are considered very safe to continue throughout your pregnancy.

    Is it Safe?
    A great resource from the American Pregnancy Association that will answer some of your questions about what is not safe during pregnancy.

    Foods to Avoid
    A list of foods to avoid during pregnancy, provided by the American Pregnancy Association.

    The March Moms Chat Room (Gabbly has not been working properly for months)
    MrsHaque1009 has set up a Gabbly room for us! Come in and chat with other March Moms!

    Alternate Chat Room: The March Moms Chat Room on Chatzy

    The Bump Glossary
    Listing of all the crazy acronyms you might see on the board!

    Bump Tech Support
    This bio has everything you need to learn how to add pictures, links, and tickers to your signature, PIPs, changing your avatar and more!